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I help people solve technology challenges, so they get more done faster — whether it means creating a killer website for an entrepreneur, advertising community events for a nonprofit, or writing a back-end process for an enterprise.

I’m ready to understand needs, design solutions, create code, and deploy packages. I’ve worked in large and small teams and led a few as well.

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Jayce Renner

Latest Post: Brad Warner Site Live

Hardcore Zen Screen CaptureBrad Warner, author of several books about Zen Buddhism, has partnered with me to create his new website: HardcoreZen.info.

Brad had outgrown his Blogger blog – with only one page, the layout squished blog posts to the page’s center, while forcing other content to the sides. With the new site, we’ve created multiple pages to house content, improving the layout and typography overall.
The new site uses WordPress to allow easy maintenance of Brad’s pre-existing blog, while providing complete flexibility for future growth.

Implemented features include:

  • Migration of ~700 blog posts and ~50,000 comments
  • Ecommerce solution
  • Member registration
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact form
  • Security certificate (SSL)

Brad has been busy posting to the new site, and we see a fair amount of traffic and registrations! Looking ahead, I’m excited to work with Brad to expand the site’s functionality.